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We have a few news today Read below about our new office, the istripper showroom, the escorts recruiting and training programm and our new luxury penthouse in the sky.

Recruiting and Training for Escort Girls

SLA Media will continue recruiting escorts and provide training for those new in the sex business. We simply continue doing what we are good at: training and coaching (and sex of course).

At the same time, we let others do what they are good at such as building and organize successful events.

We did build a luxury penthouse in the sky, right above the new office and the istripper showroom. This is the new location our girls will work at.

New SLA Media Office and Istripper Showroom

This gives us another great opportunity. We use the parcel we own and the prims for a new showroom and office for SLA Media. We actually need the space for a new project.

New SLA Media Office:

SLA Media Office and Istripper Showroom
SLA Media Office and Istripper Showroom


New Affiliate Programm – Istripper

Yes, I have been busy. Indeed.

We have a new advertiser. It is the company Totem Core Ltd in Dublin, Ireland. They offer a product called istripper. It’s a fun desktop application which lets girls strip on your desktop.

Real girls, not avatars.

They created 3.000 different strip shows with 600 gorgeous girls from all over the world. I tested some of those shows and they are really hot!

But the best is their affiliate program. Not only do they pay really good commissions but also the support and tools they provide are second to none. In addition they pay SLA Media an on top commission, for every new blogger we refer to them.

That is what our new project is.

We are also plannung to create an Istripper showroom in Second Life. We investigate the technical possibilities for realising this.

We advertise istripper on all our websites. One way of displaying it on a site are those mini strip session you see on the bottom right.

Yes those.

I am sure you did notice them. If you click on a stripper it takes you to a landing page in your language.

You have an adult blog and you are looking for a profitable affilaite programm? Then sign up here and get 50% revenue share:

iStripper affiliation cash program

Free Training and Coaching For Bloggers to Be

I will be talking to bloggers and people who want to become successful bloggers. I want them to advertise istripper as well. Of course following our referral link.

The added value to sign up via SLA Media is our constant coaching and training we provide to our bloggers. I will offer personal advise as well as in-world workshops covering topics such as working with wordpress and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

You are a total noob in blogging, but eager and determined to give it a go?

I help you setting up your blog as well and teach you all you need to know about it. You can even use a subdomain of this blog and host your blog with us – totally free of charge.

Yes, you did read that right. I will help you getting started totally free of charge!

The only condition: You must advertise istrippe via SLA Media and you have to produce adult content. Yes, it’s about sex not about fashion.

I also created a Second Life group for bloggers.

There you can share your experiences, ask questions and learn from other bloggers. The group will also do regular small meet and mingle parties in the garden of the SLA Media office.

Are you serious to make some money with your Second Life? Get in touch with me, you just found your personal trainer.

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Inworld User name: Carolinestravels

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