Which is your Favorite Character of the SLA Media Blogs?

Update March 2020:
Jessica became a part time Second Life escort girl again.

My regular readers know, that we developed multiple characters. The different Writers and different characters do have their own blogs within the SLA Media network under their own respective domains.

Here a resume of the different characters (in order of appearance):

Caroline Resident

Caroline Resident
Caroline Resident

It all started as a guide for beginners. The adventures of Caroline the noob in Second Life was meant to show new residents how to survive in Second Life. Several “how to guides” resulted from this.

Caroline was also travelling a lot over the grid. By boat, by plane or other means of transportation anw wrote about the different adventures tha crossed her way on her travels.

One day she embarked on a mission: Going undercover as a call girl. It was meant to be investigative journalism, but turned into her most erotic and exciting adventure. She became a successful escort girl.

She is still occasionally available on demand as an escort. Not as much as she used to be, because her profession turned into a serious business.

She got investors on board, found ways to monetize content, opened (and closed) a sex club and currently is building up an escort agency as part of SLA Media.

Her posts are pretty much “show me the money” style. A business woman in Second Life.

What to expect from future writings?

Future post will be focused on making money in the adult business in Second Life and about her experiences as CEO of a adult media business in Second Life.

There will even be a complete guide about how to make money with a Second Life adult blog.

The guide will show you step by step how to setup a successful blog, how to monetize it (we are talking real US money here) and will give you a lot of expert knowledge about SEO (Search Engine Optimization or how to rank well in Google).

Because of this shift of focus, you will not find many posts about Caroline the escort girl. If that is what you would expect to read, don’t worry, you still find that kind of adventures under the character “Michelle”.

Their might be some posts about travelling and sailing in Second Life though.

Catherine Palen

Cathy Palen
Cathy Palen

Cathy is the editorial director of the porn and erotic art section of Second Life Adventures. She interviews artists in Second Life who dedicated their Second Life to bring us the finest in erotica and porn.

Aside she runs her own blog, featuring interesting storylines and her own sex adventures in Second Life. She has got a high sex drive and it shows on her blog. Having said so, she is more the classy type.

Cathy is available as part time escort girl as well. She loves to please and gets very excited herself, when she is with a customer.

What to expect from future writings?

Cathy has a very busy real life. That is why her writing intervals are not as frequent as lovers of erotic art would like to see.

When she does publish a new story or a new interview, it was certainly worth the wait. Her writings are the “who is who” in the erotic art scene of Second Life.



Young, sassy, cheeky, insolent, helpful and very open and uninhibited when it comes to sex. That is Jessica in a few words.

Her story starts as an employee of SLA Media. Her job was selling subscriptions of 3dxchat (one of our advertisers) in-world.

The way she did that was simple.

She would have sex with guys in Second Life and pitch them in the afterglow on how much better is sex in 3DXChat. Yes, that means having a lot of sex. Not a problem for little Jessica.

Jessica never had the intention to get into whoring at all. But when working for a company like SLA Media, touch points with prostitution are unavoidable.

Jessica got drawn into prostitution by accident. She found herself in a situation where she got offered money for sex. She couldn’t resist the temptation.

She did it once, did it twice and little be little became a professional sex worker.

One day she realized, she had become just yet another whore. Her stories were not much different, not unique anymore.

She did quit her career as an escort girl and asked for a transfer.

Ever since she is working as a customer service agent for SLA Media in 3DXChat. She helps new players to find their way around the game and teaches them how to have sex ingame.

Yes. Sex is still part of her job and part of her stories. But there is a difference between sex for cash and sex as as service.

She does help noobs in Second Life sometimes as well. Not as part of her job, but for fun and for having a purpose when in Second Life. It does actually turn her on to take a noobs virginity in Second Life.

Update March 2020:

Jessica is back into whoring again. Not full time but part time on week ends only.

She is actually making quite good money with people who contacted her after reading her blog. She even has some regulars now.

Read all of her stories about her adventures as a Second life sex worker here: Jessica the Second Life Sex Worker

What to expect from future writings?

Most will be about her job as a customer services agent in 3DXChat and her sex adventures in user created rooms.

She will write about parties organized at SLA Media location in 3DxChat, a Spanish finca style property build for that purpose (known as Caroline’s Mansion).

Apart from that you will read:

  • Funny stories about noobs in Second Life having their first sexperience in Second Life.
  • Testing adult rated hotels in Second Life with the objective to get fucked at least once in every hotel in Second Life.
  • Updates about the most popular adult regions in Second Life.
  • Affairs with married men. It’s just her thing.



Charly is a mature women in her early 50ties. Average looking, down to earth and doesn’t have all the latest bells and whistles.

Her main job is investigative journalism. She will be part of the strangest and weirdest kinks in Second Life in undercover missions.

Charly doesn’t need much money in-world. She has a budget from SLA Media to cover costs involved in her research.

The little she needs for herself, she gets working as a (sex)waitress at a place called Cafe CumCum. She is available for guests at the cafe to use her to get off. The tips she gets there is not much money but enough to get by.

Is she a whore as well?

No. Not really. It is a fun job. She enjoys helping the cum-unity (pun intended) and being at the service of horny guys who need release. Money is not the intention, yet appreciated.

Is she available as a call girl?

No. Not at all. If you fancy her, simply go to Cafe CumCum and order the special of the day. It is free, tips are appreciated though.

What to expect from future writings?

She writes about age play in Second LIfe. She has sex with much younger men, investigates incest groups, family play and even pedophile activities in Second Life.

She might even uncover criminal activities in Second Life and bring those to the Linden attention.

Charly the waitress will show you the darkest secrets of Second Life.



Michelle was created as an experiment (by Caroline herself), featuring a black, very attractive woman. The idea was to experience, what it’s like to be a black woman in Second Life.

Just like most characters on Second Life Adventures she started with no money, showing our readers how to get settled without having to spend any real life money.

She is a prostitute. Michelle is Caroline’s new escort girl adventure.

This is all she does and she is very successful at it. Within only a few weeks she made enough money to upgrade her avatar with the very latest stuff in Second Life. Catwa bento head, corresponding shape, cum-hud and so on.

Apparently black whores are a niche with much demand in Second Life.

What to expect from future writings?

Sex. Full stop.

She will write about her sexy adventures as an escort girl in Second Life. Her posts will include hot pictures of sex encounters in Second Life.

Michelle gets her clients from various sources. First of all her profile in the escorts section of Second Life Adventures. But also from street work on a region called “street whores” and from groups catering for her new niche (black escorts).

Sleen Squall

Sleen Squall
Sleen Squall

He has got one job to do. A tough one, but someone’s gotta do it. He recruits, assesses and trains new Second Life escort girls for SLA Media.

That is it. But It’s lots of that.

We get inquiries from girls wanting to become escorts at SLA Media on a daily basis. He needs to fuck with all of them, to find out if they fit the bill and where they need training

What to expect from future writings?

Occasionally he will write about team events, such as going sailing with the girls.

Sometimes he gets a little bit closer to the girls he trains. Yes. I know not very professional. But hey, he is just a man.

You will most likely read stories about his little sex affairs with staff of SLA Media. Potential drama ahead? I guess so. I hope so.

Now it is your turn:

Choose your favorite character. Tell us which story you want us to focus on. You may as well leave a comment.

Thank you very much, your input is greatly appreciated.

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