SLA Media News | Second Life Blog Round Up July 2020

SLA Media News:

Cathy Becoming a Fashion Model As Well | Catherine Palen

Part of  a sideline story of Caroline’s story about her becoming a fashion model and ending up having a hot sex affair with the CEO of Chic Studios in Second Life.

SLA Escorts Listing | Sleen Squall

The SLA Escorts website got a little better. The girls are now presented in a dedicated category in a very clean design.

Jessica Working Hard at Cafe CumCum | Jessia Resident

Picture gallery of Jessica working as a waitress at Cafe CumCum having sex with many guest. 

Second Life Blog Round Up

Casting Call for a New Second Life Documentary | Linden Lab

Casting for a new film documantary about Second Life residnets stories before and during the lockdown.

Topic: Second Life and The Cloud

Bloggers reporting about parts of Second Life being moved to the cloud. Especially the blake sea regions runs a lot better apparently.

Region Crossings Are Getting Fixed? | Uriah Nalates

Blake Sea Now in the Cloud | Daniel Voyager

Topic: Linden Research Inc. Acquisition

Most discussed topic of the month is the recent acquisition of Linden Research Inc. What will be the future of Second Life? Some bloggers did comment.

Linden Lab Under New Management | James Wagner

Linden Lab announces Acquisition | Inara Pey

Linden Lab Acquisition Will Take Some Time to Close

Discussion About The Acquisition in the Second Life Forum

Official Press Release | Linden Research Inc To Be Acquired

Topic: Second Life Destinations

Interesting and beautiful regions yet to be discovered.

genCon in Second Life | Inara Pey

Video Stream for Beaches | Oema Resident

Sim Tip Winter Moon | Maddy Gynoid


Perspective when Making an Avatar | Catnap Kitty

The 21 Challenge | Cake
Inspired by a thread in the Second Life forums Juicy Bomb started this challenge. How does a 21 year old girl look like? 

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