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Most Popular Articles in 2020

The most popular posts in 2020 remained yet again our tutorial on Second Life sex and our review of online sex games. Both articles were updated during the year as there have been several changes at 3DXChat and Thrixxx 3D Chathouse, our main advertisers.

Top Storylines in 2020

2020 was different by many aspects. It was our year of ongoing storylines instead of stand alone blog posts. Some of them did really well and attracted a lot of new readers.

The most poular and probably most sexy story was Caroline’s sex affair with the Dean, the owner of Chic Studios in Second Life.

It all started on Twitter. The kick-off story you find on Jessica’s blog here:

The entire series here:

Another popular story was about Candy, a new character we introduced. We wanted to create something different. A story which is aimed towards noobs and a strory that has nothing to do with sex work.

Here the kick-off post:

The entire series here:

Our Projects in 2020

Porn and Erotic Art in Second Life |

2020 was also the year of some changes.

Sadly our projectmanager Cathy Palen who wrote for our project, was forced into soem absence from Second Life. Her new real circumstances do not allow her to be as often as she would love to in Second Life.

This project is on hold for the moment. The website is still online, but doesn’t get updated for the time being.

Second Life Escorts |

A new project was born in 2020. We launched a website promoting Second Life escort girls. Sleen Squall was named projekt manager. His job: Recruiting and training Second Life Escort girls.

We effectivelly did start an escort agency.

Our escort girls here:

We also started to make videos and to stream sex sessions life to a new plattform called Unfortuattly this plattform vanished. We are evaluating other options for video streaming. We realized streams and videos do get a considerable amount of traffic.

Towards the end of 2020 we experienced some trouble with the site being hacked by some idiots. They created on the host tons of socalled “doorway pages”. Those created a lot of impressions in Google but under the wrong search terms.

We had quite a bit of work to clean up the site, dissavow links, and eliminate URLs in Google. The site is now clean again and a reindexing request was sent to Google.

Anonymous Sex Events | The Mask

Our latest project is the mask. The mask allows you to attend anonymous sex events or blind dates at a secret location.

More about this project here:

Covid 19 | Shutdown

We have been lucky. None of our team members was affected by the virus. The shutdown did not affect the business of SLA Media negativelly.

The opposite was the case. We had a major traffic increase on the sites during the first lockdown. This doesn’t come as a surprise. People confined at home, go on the internet. It was only logical that we profit from that.

Outlook 2021

In 2021 we will have to work on other monetization methods. Sales for 3DXChat went down substantially and the churn rate is extermely high.

We still make money with our affiliate partners. Just not the amounts we projected for 2020.

Time for a change. In cooperation with Chic Studios, we will enter the Inworld advertising market. Second Life designers and service providers will be able to advertise their respective businesses on our sites.

Media data and conditions will be provided here soon.

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