From the CEO’S Desk: SLA Media goes Real Life Business – Escort Girls in Berlin

Best Call Girls in Berlin

We have seen in the past real life business trying to establish a presence in Second Life. In fact, it became one of those “must have things” in early 2007. The media hyped Second Life as the best invention since sliced bread.

Companies such as BMW, Deutsche Bank, Nike, Adidas and even the news agency Reuters tried their luck and spended waste amounts of money creating a virtual presence in Second Life.

It didn’t work that well. They simply did it all wrong. Failed.

At SLA Media something really different happened recently. A real life business owner found our main website and was impressed how well the site perform in Google.

“Hey, if you can market virtual sex, you should be doing very well marketing real life sex workers, why don’t we go to bed together?” The owner suggested.

I loved the pun.

To cut a long story short: We recently launched a new website for a real life escort agency in Berlin. Our job will be developing the content of the site and make sure it is well positioned for relevant keywords such as :

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Here is the website in question: Escort Girls Berlin


CEO – SLA Media

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