The Story

That is what I have been doing. Since many years. This guide will show you step by step how you can become a successful blogger as well. Why an adult blog you might ask. The answer is really that simple: Sex sells. Adult blogs simply make more money, than Second Life fashion blogs or any other Second Life related blog. And it is a lot of fun too. Essentially you are getting paid to have virtual sex and to write about it. Yes, to be a bit exibitionistic does help actually.

I started very small. My original intention was to create a site which helps new residents to get around Second Life, without having to actually buy Linden Dollars. It took off, when I decided to research the second life escort business. I wanted to know why people use call girls in Second Life. Why women become sex workers and of course, how is the daily live and what are the challenges of a prostitute in Second Life.

Yes. And to get some shopping money. I admit it.

The only way to find out, was to become an escort girl myself. And that is what I have been doing all those years. That was my story. The story I wrote about. The story which made me the most money from all my stories, without counting the L$ (Linden Dollar) I received for sex in-world.

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